There Is A Need for Nutritional Iodine For Many of Us

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Most of you know I believe there are certain nutrients that each of us needs to take on a regular basis to maintain optimal health. Iodine is one of those supplements that falls into this category. However, not all iodine available out there for you to purchase gives iodine that is readily bioavailable. Many believe that consuming sea vegetables like sea dulse and kelp with provide adequate amounts of iodine but research shows that this is not necessarily the case with some kelp and sea lettuce containing no iodine or just a few parts per million.
Below I have quoted Dr. Williams from Ingram, Texas from a newsletter referencing the relationship between a low functioning thyroid gland and iodine.
“Subclinical symptoms of hypothyroidism have always been an overlooked problem in this country. It seems that a larger percent of each successive generation suffers from the problem, yet it is given less and less attention. Many of the children of this latest generation are routinely having difficulty concentrating in school and maintaining a motivation for learning.” Dr. Williams goes on to say that sugar regulation and adrenal issues play a role in this phenomenon. Then he states: “ Hypothyroid problems may also be a significant contributing factor and should always be ruled out. I’ve seen dozens of children make dramatic improvements in their school and social lives after being given iodine supplementation and thyroid glandulars (specific whole food supplements).
Dr Williams notes that adults can exhibit more obvious signs of hypothyroidism such as constant fatigue, muscle aches, and pains, depression, low body temperature, dry rough skin , hair loss, etc.
Dr. Williams says: “Most underactive thyroid problems stem from a lack of raw material needed by your thyroid gland to produce the necessary hormones. Iodine is by far the most commonly needed material.”
I trust you find this information helps you to understand the need for iodine supplementation.
Jim Harris at The Art of Wellness Center
A remote Naturopath and Nutrition Practitioner

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