Why Buy Organic Strawberries

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I found the following article written by Cara on the info@freshmadenyc.com web site. I thought you would find it interesting.

Why You Should Buy Organic Strawberries

“We love strawberries in my house! Love them! In salads, dipped in fresh whip cream, in muffins, on their own…we just really love them!

Strawberries are high in Vitamin C, Fiber and an excellent source of antioxidants…

So, what’s not to love about strawberries?

How about Methyl Iodide! Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? No, not so much.

Did you know the state that supplies 90% of U.S. strawberries has approved a fumigant pesticide that even chemists are hesitant to handle in the lab.

Methyl Iodide is a known nasty, cancer-causing toxin, so why use it on our fruit? In addition to Methyl Iodide, some strawberries have as many as 13 different pesticides, according to the Environmental Working Group.

Obviously concerned about all of this, I consulted my dear friend and trusted source for all things natural and healthy, Rob Streisfeld aka “Doc Rob”. His thoughts – “This is another example where Science attempts to outsmart Nature, economics out values health, and the well being of the people. Something so simple and amazing as a strawberry becomes a potential toxic hazard. Very sad. There was no mention of organic strawberries though which I find interesting. Keep demanding pesticide free produce!”

Many strawberry farmers and corporations, including Driscoll Strawberry, a leading strawberry distributor, are growing berries without methyl iodide and other fumigants. “I’ve been growing strawberries without using pesticides in California for 25 years,” said Jim Cochran, owner of Swanton Berry Farm in Davenport, California. “It’s certainly possible to grow commercially-viable and ecologically sound strawberry crops without using methyl iodide or any other chemical pesticides.” According to Driscoll, “As the leader in fresh berries, growing the finest organic berries in the world is both art and science, requiring care, commitment and dedication. We work closely with our independent organic farmers to find new and innovative organic farming practices.”.

So for now do the best you can for your family by BUYING ORGANIC! BUYING LOCAL! But be sure to check your sources! Get involved!

Visit Safe Strawberry: Campaign For Cancer-Free Berries for more information.

And if you are not familiar with what fruits and veggies to buy organic, check out the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean 15″ from the Environmental Working Group.

I am certain most of you were not aware of the toxic nature of non-organic strawberries so thanks to you Cara.

Your for better health naturally,

Jim Harris DDS, NMD

Jim Harris is a Naturopath and Nutritional Consultant with a virtual practice at the Art of Wellness Center.
Web Site: http://www.theartofwellnesscenter.com
E-mail: theartofwellness@earthlink.net
Telephone: 760-778-5600

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2 Responses to “Why Buy Organic Strawberries”

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Thank you Jim…excellent point and a necessary reminder during this summer season. We all love strawberries….
Enjoying reading your posts. Hoping all is well…..

Thank you for your positive comments. They are very much appreciated!!~

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