Degenerative Diseases Are Rampant In America but They Don’t Have To Affect You

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While preparing lunch today, my thoughts wondered to the 1930’s research of Dr. Weston Price which he reported in his book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”. I asked myself how much less disease might there be if the rest of America would or could eat a simple diet of non-processed foods.

It was a simple lunch made with a Cuisinart food processor. I grossly cut up celery stalks, white onion, radish, kale, cucumber, chard, carrots and scooped this mixture into the Cuisinart chopping bowel. I added a few walnuts, a handful of broccoli and sunflower sprouts, along with a few basil leaves. Before giving a few pulses to chop and mix my ingredients I poured in some olive oil and added both pepper and Celtic sea salt. This mixture was scooped onto a plate of lettuce leaves. To each plate I added half of a cooked salmon fillet and six small red tomatoes.

This lunch was simple, tasty and above all, nutritious. It was made from fresh, raw, non-processed foods that came from our local farmer’s market. This is as close to a hunter-gatherer diet as I can get today.

Now back to Weston Price who studied primitive races across our globe. Universally he discovered a total absence of degenerative disease when these people’s diet consisted of foods from their ancestors. Dr Price documented in his book that primitive people, even those living in very inclement climates, were able to build superbly healthy bodies when consuming their ancestral diet. However, even in the first generation after the introduction of modern processed foods containing white sugar and refined flours, the children were either born with or later developed nutritional deficiency diseases.

In the 1940’s, Dr. Royal Lee, another outstanding American nutritionist, continuously spoke out stating that Americans were starving themselves of basic nutritional requirements with the consumption of refined processed foods.

As stated above, today’s lunch was simple, tasty and nutritious. All the food used in preparation where fresh, locally grown and not processed. Dr. Price noted that when the primitive people returned to their ancestral diet their health returned as well.

Socrates stated: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

Jim Harris is a naturopath and nutritional consultant at the Art of Wellness Center, a virtual practice.

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As usual, great informative and always a learning experience….
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